Plumbing Installations

Our list of plumbing services wouldn’t be complete without some high-quality plumbing installations and replacements. Whether you are looking to add value to your home or replace old and outdated plumbing components, we can help.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Upgrading your kitchen or bathroom is a simple and affordable way for homeowners to add value to their home and make their lives better. We are a Douglas AZ plumbing company that prides itself on offering the best tub, sink, and toilet replacement services. Our team is knowledgeable and up-to-date with the latest trends so you can rest assured you are getting the most modern, value-adding appliances in your renovation.

Drain Cleaning

Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services

Over the years, your drains can become clogged with debris such as hair, food particles, mineral sediment, and more. These clogs become a problem when they impact how the water drains in your sink, tub, and toilet. Our professional drain cleaning services are fast, easy, affordable, and, most importantly, safe. Many DIY drain cleaning products damage the pipes and cause unexpected ruptures. Our methods are safe and effective.

Emergency Douglas AZ Water Heater Repair Services

Garcia Construction Inc is happy to be one of the prominent water heater service and repair contractors in the Douglas AZ  and Cochise County! We are readily available in case you are in need of an emergency water heater replacement.

Our Water Heater Repair Douglas AZ Customers Come First

Because we are a locally owned company it is essential to us to provide excellent customer support and superb prices on every one of our water heater repairs and installations, because our company objective is to take care of our clients, whom are likewise our neighbors, with the esteem and service they should have.

A lot of our accomplishment as an Douglas water heater repair business originates from the instruction given to our staff members on the client service abilities we desire them to show to all our devoted clients. Our word of mouth marketing is necessary as a company practice, however it is the most significant considering that we likewise reside in the Douglas community as well.

Garcia Construction Inc is a full service plumbing repair company, so don’t be reluctant to tell us what type of plumbing repair you may need help with. From drain and sewer cleaning, leak detection and repairs, to plumbing fixture repairs and installations, we can assist.

  • Licensed Natural Gas Installers
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Repair & Installation

Gas leaks are not only one of the most dangerous issues that can occur in your home; they can be deadly. A major threat from a gas leak is asphyxiation, which can cause brain damage and even death. The gas lines you use to heat your home and operate some of your appliances are actually part of your plumbing system. That’s why you need licensed, professional plumbing services that operate by city codes and permits if you are experiencing a natural gas leak in your home. Getting a gas leak detected and repaired quickly and safely is key to the well-being of your family and your property. If you suspect a gas leak, get out first and call us second. If you feel an immediate threat, call 911. We service all throughout Douglas area, and also offer gas line installation services. You can expect great, and safe, services from Garcia Construction Inc.

If you are certain you have a gas leak and need gas detection, don’t try to repair anything yourself – and definitely don’t try to cut the gas off. Natural gas is a dangerous issue to deal with. Just get your family and pets out of the house and far enough away to be safe and then call us. If you feel you have an emergency situation, get out of the house and then call 911. It’s always better safe than sorry when dealing with natural gas leaks! Leave the door open on your way out so gas can get out and fresh air can get in. Don’t use electronics, flip any switches, and don’t smoke. If you can quickly get a window or two open, do so. If not, just get out, away, and call us for licensed, professional gas detection and repair services.

One way to know if you need gas detection services is if you can smell, hear, or see gas. While gas doesn’t have a smell naturally, the gas company adds a “rotten egg” type smell to it, so you can have a strong indication if there is a leak. You can also hear an odd hissing or blowing sound around your gas appliances or gas lines. Some outdoor indicators are dead greenery in the middle of live greenery around or near your gas lines, bubbles in the water, and dirt blowing around when there is no wind. All technicians are plumbers are trained, licensed, background checked, and drug tested. We’ll service your gas line system safely and effectively.

While there are many benefits to using gas as a power source in your home, one of the main benefits is the cost efficiency gas provides. It’s simply cheaper to operate home heating appliances using gas than electricity. A home with combined energy of both gas and electric use 20% less energy than an all electric home. Appliances, such as hot water heaters and clothes dryers, use a significantly less amount of energy to operate than their all electric counterparts. If you are in the market for getting gas lines installed in your home, just give us a shout. Our plumbing professionals will be glad to help. We also offer Flexible Financing and guarantee all services.

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