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New Construction Process

Thank you for considering building with Garcia Construction Inc. We are confident you will be very satisfied with our process as well as our finished product. As custom home builders, we understand that the building process is often very confusing to most people. We hope to make this process as simple as possible for you. The steps outlined below will give you a brief description before we can break ground on your dream home. Please keep in mind that this is a very basic account, and is only for the purpose of familiarizing you with the pre-construction process.

New Home Construction

Because we are custom home builders, no project is ever the same. Every home we build is as unique as our individual clients. We strive to understand your special needs and expectations. When you meet with our sales representative you will be given a time frame for the construction of your home as well as the costs involved. We are proud that our company offers exceptional quality at great value. What you may not know is that we maintain an outstanding management system, ensuring that your home will be completed in the time frame stated in the Contract. Our superintendents work hard to ensure that your custom home is built with attention to detail and to your exact specifications. If you have any questions during the building process, remember your superintendent is always there to answer them. Although we encourage that you make most of your custom selections before we break ground on your home, our selection staff will assist you with any changes you may make to your home as it is being constructed.

Our staff will work through some of the challenges which we will sometimes encounter such as the location and difficulty of the site, design of your home, financing, and features. It is our intention to ensure that you’re every expectation is met, and that you are well informed during the building process.



Many of our clients already own land when they decide to build. However, if you do not already own land, our sources will help you find that perfect parcel. Your home will be designed to blend with your lot, while taking advantage of any views. We will make an accurate evaluation of the lot you plan to build on. Land evaluation requires years of experience in building and earthwork. There are many factors involved in land preparation and selection that our clients may not think about. Utilities, water drainage, soil conditions, slope, and lot setbacks are but a few. These factors may be important in determining the cost, style, and design of your home. Do not hesitate to call us for a site evaluation.

Floor Plans

Although many of our clients furnish us with their floor plans, our sales reps are available to help you if you have not decided on a home design. We can design your dream home from scratch based on your ideas. We can also design a home that is beautiful and practical in terms of your site. Our design team will evaluate your lot to determine the optimal position for your home in order to maximize the aesthetics and any natural views that your site may offer. You will meet and coordinate with our expert designers as your plans are being designed.

Building Contract

New Home Construction Douglas AZ

We will schedule for you to meet with our representative to make your custom selections. At this point, the features and selections necessary to build your home are made. Although this may seem a bit overwhelming, our staff makes this one of the most exciting and enjoyable stages in the home building process.

Following the selections, our company will work closely with you to develop a detailed and accurate building contract. At Garcia Construction Inc, we pride ourselves in conducting business in an honest and professional manner. Our building contracts will impress you and will ensure that those exact specifications will be incorporated into your home. The building contract not only outlines what is included but also outlines what is excluded in the home. The building contract will incorporate the Construction Agreement, Description of Materials, Warranty, and Floor Plans.


Although some clients prefer to use their own mortgage company, Garcia Construction Inc maintains a close relationship with some exceptional mortgage companies. If needed, we can refer you to one of our seasoned mortgage lenders to take care of your financial needs.

When the floor plans are completed and the building contract has been executed, we are now ready to submit them to a financial institution for a full approval.  An appraisal must be made prior to underwriting the loan.  Once the loan is approved, you will be sent to a title company to sign on your loan documents.

Preliminary Items

New Home ConstructionOnce your loan has recorded with the County, we are ready to proceed with the next stage.  There are a few preliminary items that must be in place before we can break ground.

One such item is plan submittals.  Floor plans are submitted to the respective city, county, and home owner’s association for approval. Plan approvals may take from two to four weeks. Plans are submitted to the proper jurisdiction to ensure that your home is built in accordance with the applicable laws and building codes in effect. Your home owner’s association, if applicable, typically reviews your plans to ensure that the home is built within the covenants, conditions, and restrictions from your neighborhood. These restrictions may involve the height of your home, design, exterior color selection, and landscaping.

While the plans are being approved, we will also work on having your property surveyed if needed, having the water and power turned on, lot clearing, and scheduling of subcontractors.


After the above preliminaries have been completed, we are finally ready to break ground. All of the homes we build are different and involve different levels of complexity. Home completion may range from 4 months to 8 months depending on size of your project. When we build your home, we treat it as if we are building our own home. We go through great lengths to ensure the home we are building is exactly what you expected.

Every home we build is unique.  It is our job to coordinate closely with our clients and to make your transition and home building process as enjoyable as possible. We hope that you decide to give us an opportunity to build your home.  We are confident that you will be satisfied.

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