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Douglas Arizona AC Repair – Satisfaction Guaranteed

The right AC system can turn your home into a cool oasis as temperatures increase. Don’t get roasted by an deteriorating system this summer.

When you need air conditioning repair in the Douglas, Arizona area, call your local HVAC Experts, Garcia Construction.  We are Douglas, Arizona’s HVAC experts that know the ins and outs of air conditioners because we fix and replace them on a regular basis.

We’ve been fixing and repairing air conditioners for several years and are licensed and bonded.  You can trust us to re-establish that cool feeling in your house fast.

Our HVAC specialists are licensed, bonded and insured. We provide outstanding HVAC service and peak cooling – for any air conditioning brand.

Common HVAC Issues


HVAC systems have a few motors, one to run the compressor, one to run the outdoor fan, and another to run the indoor blower. If any of these motors malfunction the system will not operate properly.


Capacitors give motors a boost of energy to assist them in turning over. HVAC systems have several capacitors and each one can and will eventually fail. A weak or failed capacitor will prevent a motor from starting. All of a motors must be operating in order for an HVAC system to function properly.

Electrical components

HVAC systems utilize various electrical components and electronic circuitry to control their numerous functions. Some examples are contactors, relays, switches, circuit boards, and defrost boards. While the basic components can turn a system on and off, complex components often work in tandem with multiple-speed blowers, reversing valves, emergency heating elements, and more. It is imperative for these electrical components to function properly as a slight malfunction can render a unit inoperable.

Refrigerant system

HVAC systems operate with refrigerant in a closed-loop system. In theory, the amount of refrigerant in the system should remain constant for the life of the system. However, if a leak develops somewhere in the refrigerant loop, refrigerant will be lost and the system will transfer heat less effectively. Finding and repairing the leak, and replacing lost refrigerant is essential to bring the system back to its full operating potential, thereby saving you money on electric bills.

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